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I live. Everything’s good. I’m flying out to Thailand for a month long trip later today.

I’m also, in case you hadn’t noticed by the lack of updates recently, taking a break from game development. While writing these has been a part of my life for years, the medium has also grown somewhat tedious of late. I’m burned out, and rather than force myself to continue… well, you get this post.

It’s been wonderful having you all here, and I’ll be back someday. But it’ll be a while. Six months, a year, I don’t know. Maybe this trip will restore my desire to share pervy imaginings as soon as I get back. Until then, enjoy yourselves. :)

– Blue

I was writing a couple of scenes for Maidens Tale, but had to stop and bake some things. I hope you find the cupcakes as tasty as I did. :)

  • Three stat-raising jobs, containing just over 2000 words of new writing:
    • Baking (once you’ve found the kitchen)
    • Etiquette (once you’ve found Mr. Steven’s bedroom)
    • Instruments (once you’ve found the recording studio)
  • Every event now has a “Next” button, to slow down the scrolling and give a better sense of time passing.
  • The first button in an event now automatically takes focus, so “enter” can be used to trigger Next (and tab can easily switch between options). Keyboard controls yay.
  • Dropdown elements can now be selected with the number keys. I’m not sure if this is a good way to do it, but it lets me keep the pure-css dropdown method, keeping things simple code-wise.


/src/content: 19530 -> 21374 words. Play at the usual place.



Remember how I keep claiming I’m working on Lapis Azurai in the background here? Well, here’s some tangible evidence – a new piece of art. I’ll have another new piece of art to share next week.

Natalie’s very first encounter with Asara. This isn’t lightning.

So, I’m moving tomorrow. That means I need to be packing my house right now, not making updates to my games – but a couple of the bugs in last week’s release are too serious to ignore, so here’s an update anyway. Play it at the usual location.

  • You can now properly hide in Robin’s room when presented with the option.
  • The Slave Show adventure now actually works (rather than displaying the last event for the intro adventure).
  • Getting called upon to discuss literature with your owner no longer causes issues.

Interesting to note that these fixes weren’t specific to the events in question – they just happened to be the first ones to trigger serious bugs in the game engine itself (ie, “always using the intro adventure”, “not validating skill check results”, and “breaking when there’s apostrophes in the label for an option”).

Play it at the usual location.

This release contains:

  • Rewritten introduction. You’re now here voluntarily – you signed up for a one year stint as a sex slave. Yes, this is a big change in the theme of the game. I realized the lack of consent was why I was having trouble working adding more content. You can still get raped by the overseers, but in the ultimate scheme of things… you chose this.
  • New events to wait on your mistress/master. Danni and Nick will discuss literature with you. Nick and Sarah will use you as a sensory-deprived foot-stool.
  • New event where Mr. Stevens will use you and Robbin as living statues for a party – and whoever makes a sound first as a door prize. You can also hide in your room and have a fun evening with Robbin instead, if you don’t mind getting punished afterwards.
  • Mr. Stevens will solicit you to participate in a Slave Show. Six different scenes available depending on your talents, though I haven’t written the show itself yet.
  • Random events now take up the time slot they occur in, disrupting your plans for the day.
  • Punishments now explain what you did to deserve them.
  • Lots of fixed spelling mistakes, typos and grammar issues.
  • A “dump” option. Visit if you want to do editing – it’s a complete dump of all text in the game. Useful for editing without looking at the source code.


It’s about 25% larger than the previous version, though I must admit it still feels quite sparse on content. It’ll take time to get a viable game out of what’s so far only a framework.

I have two things to share with you today: News and a Hive release.

Starting last week, I am only working three days a week at my job. This means, Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to working on games. Given this new schedule, I promise you:

  • A new release of one of my adult games every week. Maybe Hive, maybe Maiden’s Tale, maybe something new. Whatever I feel like working on. Should I fail to deliver, um… there aren’t actually any consequences for me. But weekly releases!
  • Getting reengaged in adult gaming communities other than the on this blog. I let the threads on various forums lapse two years ago when I picked up a 9-5 office job. I’ll be picking those back up.
  • An update on the progress of Lapis Azurai every week. I swear, there is progress being made behind the scenes on this.



Also, a new Hive release! It’s a sort of small one, just a scattering of new images and events. Play or download at the usual locations.

  • More text for the “Capture” event on Sycamore St.
  • New way to torment Liana once you have a Galleria
  • New Mess with Liana variant
  • Can now create Succubi at the Magic Circle
  • Juggled event order to make police officer less annoying
  • Finished upgrading image quality (thanks again everyone who helped out with links when I asked)


R: Do you want to wander over early evening, or should I come fetch you when my work is done?
Blue: I was thinking I'd come over when I get out of work.
R: If I'd thought of it earlier I would have told you to pack your clothespins.
Blue: >///>
R: Don't worry, we can stop by Walgreens.
(cue fidgetting in my chair and work and being too distracted to accomplish anything.)


Thus, this blog post!

Silliness aside, just wanted to announce that I’m still around, and will have another Hive release this weekend. It’ll be small, because I’ve been spending most of my time working on Lapis v2 – writing content or working on the code every day now.

Will have other exciting news early next year, but I’m going to sit on it for now until things are finalized. :)

It’s been a while, but here we are. In this update you’ll find:

  • Increased image resolution. Thanks to everyone who helped me find the original sources of things after the last release. There are still some un-upgraded pictures, but I’ll get to them later.
  • A new building, the Training Facility. It’s Large (build it in an Empty Lot), and becomes available after the Nudity ordinance at City Hall.
  • A new event with Liana. Liana wants fucking, but the Dark Lady gives her something else instead. Warning, may cause tooth decay (it’s so sweet).

It’s been a long time coming for such a small update, but better to get this out than keep what’s done so far sitting on my hard drive. :)

Play online or download at the usual locations.



0.10.1 fixes a bug when there are no students in the Training Facility.

So, first a brief update on my progress with the Lapis Azurai rework. I won’t be releasing a demo or early version of this game – the earliest preview will be after I’ve completed the intro, chapter 1, and the content for at least one of the three endings / routes.

I am still, slowly, working on this. Currently I have the intro and about 1/3 of chapter 1 done. It’s about equivalent to the content that’s in the currently released version of Lapis Azurai, but it’s not all the same stuff – still plenty more I can port over as it fits in.

Spent some time today coding up a directed force graph (similar to this) of all the events in the game (pulled straight from the source code) to help make sure everything triggers / depends on other events as it should.



Now for real-life sexy story time. :)



I am the worst lesbian. I say this because I have a boyfriend. Now, this should probably disqualify me from being a lesbian, but it’s really just true that I’m attracted to women and not men. I wish I liked guys, but really, they just don’t do it for me. R and I have been dating from July. We have all sorts of fun sexy times together, but they all involve him keeping his pants on. So… anyway, long story short, I’m a lesbian with a boyfriend (in addition to my two-year girlfriend, and any number of other shorter term female kink/fuck buddies).

This Halloween, my friend R* and I went together to a sexy party (the woman on the poster is even cuter in real life – we watch movies together sometimes). Neither of us wore a costume, just him in his button-down shirt and me in a slinky red dress hugging my curves, shoulder length reddish-brown curls. I enjoy being eye candy, hanging off his arm.

It apparently got better later in the evening, but we were there right at the beginning, and got bored rather quickly. We skedaddled back to his apartment. I’ve been to his apartment before, but only ever while his partner is there. Tonight she was busy with other things. Lovely woman, but threesomes aren’t in the cards for them right now.

First thing through the door, I pulled my dress up over my head, depositing it along with my bra in a pile by the door. “Much better,” I said with a little wiggle and a grin. Yes, I actually do those things in real life. I like being cute.

He laughed and hugged me, and then, with me holding up my hair to keep it out of the way, used my dress as a blindfold. R guided me to the center of the room and left me standing there, arms at my sides, while he caressed my sides, my breasts, cupped my chin in his hand. He’s immensely stronger than me – over 200lbs, and basically all of it muscle. I never really understood the “feeling safe while a big strong man holds you” trope until he entered my life.

“Anything you want?” he whispered in my ear.

“Um…” I bit my lip. “You could tie my hands behind my back?”

“I was just thinking about that. Don’t move.” He returned a moment later with a coil of rope, which he used to bind my arms behind my back. I squirmed a bit, ensuring it wasn’t going to be too tight to wear for a while, and he loosened it a bit more so I could pull my hands out if I absolutely had to. Bondage is really sexy, but porn never shows all the adjustments, tweaks and back-and-forth needed to make it safe and sexy at the same time.

We’d discussed the scene a little ahead of time. So, when he started turning me around and jerking me here and there across the floor, I intentionally didn’t keep track of which way I was facing and where I was. I intentionally confused and disoriented myself. Spin, grab, turn back the other way, three steps forward, turn… I lost track of where the doorway way, where the couches were, everything.

He left me standing there and stepped back. I couldn’t see anything, couldn’t really hear him moving on carpet… oww! I jerked a little as he flicked my nipple. Hands tied behind my back I couldn’t really protect myself – the best I could do was scrunch my shoulders, bow my head and curl up a little. He corrected my posture, standing me back upright, pulling my head back up, stroking my cheek.

I also intentionally suppressed the part of my mind that knew I was safe, that knew it was R and trusted him. I made myself scared. This is harder than it sounds – I’m naturally quite calm and cool during crisis and danger. But being naked helps with being scared. Being disoriented and blind helps with being scared. Being alone in an apartment with a man who I can literally punch with my full strength and he just laughs at me helps with being scared. After a few minutes he checked in with me – pulled me into a hug, stroked my hair, spoke softly and asked how I was doing. I was doing fantastically. Anything I wanted? Head shake. Want to keep going? Nod. He ended the hug, slapped my ass a few times, and left me standing there alone in silence for much of a minute.

I started trembling, just my legs shaking a little bit. I hunched over again, and he corrected my posture. He’d move between stroking me, striking me, stepping back and leaving me all alone for half a minute without making a sound and then suddenly touch me from behind. He used a wooden dowel sometimes for smacks, or held it across my throat as he came up from behind and pressed himself against me. I don’t know how long this went on, only that I was whimpering and shaking by the end. He kept returning me to a standing posture every time I’d try to hunch over or shy away.

Wham! Suddenly my legs were swept out from under me, he seized my shoulders and pulled me over backwards. Completely without warning or preamble, blind and shocked I barely had time to squeak before I hit the carpet. It was terrifying. Softly, cushioned by strong hands in complete control of my fall.

R hugged me and asked if I was ok. I said I was. He took off the blindfold, and I blinked a lot. He hugged me more, then untied my hands. “I thought you’d enjoy that, but I wasn’t sure and wanted to check in.” We cuddled, and I reassured him I had really liked it. This is another thing that porn usually misses – the fact that tops need reassurance too! He cares for me, and doesn’t want me hurt, and so he needs reassurance and comfort too when we try new things like this. Comfort that yes I enjoyed it, that no he’s not a bad person for wanting to do things like this to his girlfriend.

“Next time, next time when I take you down maybe it won’t be the end,” he smiled and kissed my forehead.

I grinned back and did my little wiggle in his arms. “Yeah, let’s do that.”



So there you have it – that’s how I spent evening a few nights ago, on my very first fear-play scene. I loved it.

Happy belated Halloween, everyone.


The time has come, the mistress said, to speak of many things.
Of boots and whips and candle wax, of floggers and impact scenes.
And why your body is boiling hot, and how you like fuckings.


You might enjoy a new thing I’ve been working on. The project is available on github, as usual. It’ll work on mobile, but the interface is much nicer with title (hover) text, and thus a mouse.

This was inspired about a year ago by someone who asked “where are all the games where you play as the slave?” It was a good question, and an interesting thought. Here’s my partial answer.

It’s also a coding experiment. The entire game so far compiles to a single file, 113kb with no external assets. Any developers who inspect the source while it’s running will notice something else interesting – all the interaction is controlled by onclick attributes of <button>s. No fancy event binding, no black magic here, just functions in the global scope and a single mutable state object (“window.g”) representing the state of the game. I could nerd talk for hours about this, but I’ll cut myself off here.




2016/10/13 Hotfix: Now works in browsers other than latest Firefox! I didn’t realize Object.values was so bleeding edge. Also, skill raising actions no longer set your skills to NaN. Wow I should have noticed that one. ^^;;

In this release (play, download):

  • Removed town map, added direct location buttons to the main planning page (much asked for feature).
  • General rebalance of Resistance mechanic. More things add to or subtract from it.
  • Added new research for forced-pregnancy in the Dungeon (4 new images).
  • Two new Mess With Liana scenes (1 new image). Small, but much needed content for the early game (when you use that action a lot).
  • Some general writing cleanup, lots of small typo fixes and wording adjustments.
  • Redid early/mid-game pacing slightly, changing event ordering and speeding up some things to reduce boring turns and un-hide some hard-to-trigger events.
  • Fixed bug where max stat changes (from breeding pit, eg) weren’t saved.
  • Fixed bug where having a worker captured by police at sycamore street often assigned a new worker to the job automatically.


Also, I have a request for all my wonderful players: I want to upgrade the image quality!

I don’t know what possessed me to choose 800×600 as the standard image size in game so long ago, but I regret it – and I also regret not saving the originals, or at the very least links to them. If you have some time and don’t mind searching for porn on the internet (hard work, I know), I’d appreciate it if you helped me track down sources for the in game images. I’ll upgrade the images in-game once I have a higher-resolution original for some of them.

As usual, comments on everything are welcome. In particular, this release makes Resistance more punishing – it’s slower to fade and some actions give more of it – and I’d like to know if I’ve struck too far in the other direction this time.