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New release is finally up! It’s been sitting 95% complete on my hard disk for most of a week, but I wasn’t in the mood to test / debug stuff until this morning. Anyway, here you are! It can be played or downloaded from the normal locations. This release contains:

  • 29 new images. Two of them Liana, 27 of them women getting violated by tentacles.
  • A new plot event, which gives you access to…
    • The Spawning Pit, a new large room where you can assign slaves to help breed tentacle monsters, allowing you to construct…
    • The Cocoon, a new small room similar to the slutroom, expect focused on cum and milk rather than depravity.
    • The Breeding Pit, a new large room which you can feed trained slaves in return for boosting the Dark Lady and Liana’s maximum magic.

Yep. I’ve been promising tentacles for a long time, and they’re finally here. They are (and will remain) completely optional – if they’re not your thing, there’ll be no requirement for future plotty stuff to have built any of these rooms.


    • No one in particular - 2016-03-03

    Huzzah! Tentacles! Praise be to Blue Winds and/or Cthulhu.

    • Eidalac - 2016-03-03

    Huzza! … but it’s to late to play tonight… le’sigh.

    • RedGales - 2016-03-03

    Obviously, the Dark Lady is in some kinda dark alliance with the Elder God.


    I really gotta find time to get back to playing this. Lately I’ve just been frequently checking back for news updates and all. I’ve gotten caught up in so much stuff that I barely get time to play all the games I’m falling behind on.

    • garkhan - 2016-03-03


    Thanks for the released. I like very much the dormitory idea and the rent cloth depending of the “surface coverage”.

    Can you had some kind of % of images viewed? It could be nice to know when we saw everything. Ty

    Keep going!

    • That’s a good idea, will be in the next release. Unless I forget.

    • anon - 2016-03-03

    Is Dark Lord still planned?

    • Is not, and as far as I recall, never has been. Already lots of games with male protagonists doing the harem thing.

    • nomine - 2016-03-04

    less than you’d think blue winds. also id love to see a seen with that police woman being tentacle fucked

    • Tabico - 2016-03-04

    Just found this game due to your post on 4chan and I really, really enjoyed it! Thanks!

    • No one in particular - 2016-03-04

    Does the breeding pit fill an empty space or an empty lot?

    And do you need 50 eggs from the spawning pit to build it?

      • Gwaxer - 2016-03-04

      Breeding Pit needs a Lot, same as the Spawning Pit, and yeah, it needs eggs to build.

    • Flinn - 2016-03-04

    Typo report: Maintenance during a cruise (the black screen) is written as “maintenence”.

    • Anonymous - 2016-03-06

    Saw this on /d/ tried it out… looking good so far!

    One thing that comes to mind: I’m finding I need more things to do with medium rooms. Small rooms are highly in demand, since they’re the root of your economy, and there aren’t a lot of large rooms period, so of course you’re going to use them all… but there are plenty of medium rooms, and they’re all used for specialized purposes, such that you don’t need tons of them.

    Ideally, there should be an ‘economic’ function for medium rooms; something like the slutroom or milking barn that gets regular value out of the occupants. The auction house would fit the bill if you were able to sell untrained slaves there… for far less than trained value, of course, but there’s bound to be something better you can do than giving them away. As is, a single outreach center staffed by sex slaves semi-reliably takes care of all your slave needs (potentially supplemented by a battle-maid kidnapping people from time to time), so another thing that consumes them would be welcome.

    • Peter Black - 2016-03-06

    Bug: The Spawning Pit says it costs 50M, but the game let me build it without any milk at all.

    • Grype - 2016-03-06


    I just played “Hive” as currently available on github. You are doing a very good job: Solid game mechanics, smooth game play, well written story elements and a good selection of pictures.

    However, I encountered a bug: It seems, the raised maximum magic boost for the Dark Lady and Liana is not saved.

    Additionally, I’d suggest to include a small note like “that’s all for now” so the player can see he progressed through all the content currently available.

    Keep up the good work
    Kind regards

      • No one in particular - 2016-03-08

      Following up on Grype:

      The number of slaves fed to the pit is saved, but the maximum magic boost is not.

    • Anonymous - 2016-03-31

    Its enjoyable thus far.

    I would like to see some more scenes with the catgirls.

    Perhaps give us the ability to buy out some cafe shops to turn them into Maid Cafes or Cosplay Cafes to shove Catgirls and Maids into? Maybe even use the milk generated by the milk barn to slowly corrupt the town…

    I would like to see Succubi as well, though that would probably be the same process as making catgirls.

    Oh, and give us the ability to purchase a love hotel and with some city council shenanigans let us turn it into a brothel. Or use it as a cluster of small rooms to work with.

    • Infernalistgamer - 2016-04-28

    Late game idea: Using 50 tentacle eggs to extrude a new room (or expand a room into a space, or a space into a lot) extradimensionally, as you run out of them pretty fast?

    • Infernalistgamer - 2016-04-28

    Second idea, related to the first: 50 tentacle eggs to grow tentacular walls, dividing lots into 2 spaces, or spaces into 2 rooms?

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