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I cracked open the game source files for the first time two months. No update yet, but there is some new stuff in progress. Hurrah! Just sticking my head in to say “not actually dead.” Basically, it’s really hard to work on erotica when all your erotic needs are being taken care of in real life by a girlfriend with a stronger sex drive than yourself, along with a succession of fun encounters for more BDSMy desires. *^^*

Also, I finally finished another project that way taking up a bunch of time – if any of you are familiar with Exalted (tabletop RPG), you might understand what an undertaking this was. Rewrote the entire magic system – all 170 pages of it – because the official one sucked.


    • DarthJake - 2016-06-18

    Having played most of the other White Wolf RPGs out there, I somehow missed Exalted, our group focuses mainly on the WoD for Vampire, with the other WoD cast appearing as NPCs mainly. Especially in my Dark Ages campaign.

    I’ll need to check out Exalted I guess, what edition do you play with mostly?

    Also I’m glad you are still alive and having fun, as always I look forward to seeing more of your work.

    Thank You,

    • Exalted 3rd edition just came out, so that’s what I mostly do right now.

      It is, however, a diamond in the rough. The setting and background are excellent, and the core combat system is very well done… but there are some serious issues in other parts of the system.

      I’m obviously biased in favor of my own, but I suggest you replace the entire Charms chapter with either my rewrite or one of the several other fan ones (yes, it was bad enough that within months of the release there have been *multiple* fan rewrites of the entire chapter).

        • Eidalac - 2016-06-22

        You just keep getting cutter. :D

        I played old WoD, but never got a chance to try Exalted, since the folks I was able to play with were only interested in DnD.

        I’ve always heard the charms were… divisive.

    • W1nd - 2016-06-21

    Hey! I just found your game today and I have to say it’s really professional looking and really entertaining. I’m enjoying it a lot so far. Thanks for the work you’ve done! I’ll also be looking into subscribing to your patreon.

    Thanks again! -W1nd

    • Thank you for the kind words!

      Professional is what I aim for – there’s no reason “adult content” and “not made in Japan” have to be synonymous with “terrible.”

    • HighPriest - 2016-06-30

    I just wanted to say I’m looking forward to trying out the custom work you’ve done trying to fix up the Charms for 3E… if I can find a group.

    So far most of the people I’ve talked to have been skeptical of the unusual base combat system, intimidated by the length of the Charms section, or felt put off by the developers’ behavior over the long long long course of 3E’s development. I’m hoping that a more streamlined and interesting Charmset will help me finally get an actual group together for more than a session or two.

    • The base combat system reads a little weird, but once you try it out, the withering / decisive divide is actually really good. It could be simplified a ton – they stuck in way too many special cases (lose 2i unless you’re above 10 in which case lose 3). But it’s fun!

      After I finish up the charm trees (14/25 done now), I’ll be putting it all together into a pretty PDF and sharing that around more widely. It’ll be a lot more attractive to people than my huge text file and a bunch of pngs. :) (

    • Wayne - 2016-07-02

    You Still Working On Brothles ANd WAre can i DOwnload version 1.05 i have 1.04 was vary intersting

    ps Please PLease dont tell Me you abandernd the3 Brothles Games

    Keepup The Good Work

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