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So in honor of the number one choice in the poll I started last night (as of the time of this writing – it keeps switching, close race), and also in honor of the fact that my girlfriend started camming about a week ago (I am super excited by this), I give you Hive 0.7.1. It can be played or downloaded from the usual location.

  • A new medium size building (“Empty Space”), the Porn Studio. You’ll need to research it after you know how to train Sex Slaves.
  • You’ll want to fully staff the room to get the full range of events, but it can function with as little as just a sex slave (or Liana).
  • 2 “bad” results, 9 “good” ones and 8 “very good” options, with a total of 24 images.
  • Several very, very bad jokes.


I’ll do the second place option later, whatever it happens to be – gotta go play some Arkham Horror this afternoon with cuddles afterwards. Schlup shlup.

(That’s the sound of investigator’s brains getting devoured, not masturbation, you dirty minded people)


    • DarthJake - 2016-07-11

    Hasteur, Hasteur, Hasteur…. See, nothing happene..

    • Klyts - 2016-07-12

    I seem to have a problem with the library (if it’s the good name, I can’t really remember)

    I know I’ve seen a building to increase intelligence one or two times, but I didn’t build it, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere now unfortunately, so my girls are stuck with Intel not being maxed out…any ideas ?

      • DarthJake - 2016-07-12

      Have you taken over Sycamore Street? I seem to recall you don’t get the option to build it until after that. I just played the new version and got it built just fine, my only issue was an abundance of male slaves. Had to do a catch and release program until I could get some virgins. (You’d think they were mythological beings….) :)

        • Klyts - 2016-07-12

        I do have Sycamore Street, and a quite healthy supply of males, females and virgins. I maxed out everything I could in terms of empty places in my buildings everywhere in town and stats for both my Dark Lady and Liana…I don’t see what I could do differently honestly !

    • Eidalac - 2016-07-12

    Mmmmm, brains.

    • RedGales - 2016-07-12

    Bad jokes, you say?

    Suddenly a spell backfires while trying to take over another area of town, and the Dark Lady unwittingly unleashes zombie toast, terrotizing everyone’s pantries and baked goods.

    Attack of the Risen Unbread.

    ” Graaaaaiiiiinnsss… “

    • EPGerhart - 2016-07-15

    Minor typo after opening the dorms –
    “I keep thinking about that new dorm that opened. I hear from the women who live there what a good deal it is – I could quite my part time job …”
    Should be “QUIT my part-time job”

    • Thanks, will be fixed in the next release.

    • billy bob - 2016-07-16

    How do you get the studio? Nothing I do seems to trigger it

    • After you’ve researched Maids and then Sex Slaves, you’ll have the research project Cameras. Once that’s done you can build yourself a porn studio.

    • GenerallyLurking - 2016-07-19

    Thank you for the update. It all seems to be working well on my end.

    What name does your girlfriend cam under?
    (If you would prefer not to link your online lives, please pretend I never asked.)

    • Not gonna answer that one, I’m afraid. She’s on, FWIW, but it’s a huge site, so that’s not much of a hint. ;P

    • IcyLurker - 2016-08-01

    Wow Blue, you’re doing a great job on the game!

    • James - 2016-08-09

    I seem to no longer trigger the dorms options. Has that been removed?

    • mrttao - 2016-08-13

    If you remove the 1st slot slave from the spawning pit it stops working even though there are slaves in the other slots.

    • Arrr - 2016-08-13

    Urk. Wanted to save and clicked New instead … that’s mildly frustrating. Maybe an “are you sure?” confirmation for that button? ;)

    • super - 2016-08-14

    Bug – sometimes I can’t change selected option in Training Buildings
    1 Training Chamber
    2 Magic Circle
    3 Release Slave

    Bug – max magic bonus resets on logoff, but Fed Times remains saved on Breeding Pit

      • Arrr - 2016-08-14

      Shouldn’t have cut off the top ^^; You sure you have spare untrained ppl around?

        • super - 2016-08-20

        you’re right, that was the problem :)

        Max Magic still resets though D:

        • Yeah, max-magic thing was a bug. I’d fixed it once before, but seems to have reoccurred for some reason… Anyway, finally squashed in 0.9.

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