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Update: Bugfix. Resistance now decays at -2/day (as originally intended) rather than -4. Also, the Tentacle Raid event should now actually be available (was previously never visible).

Tada! Another Hive release (play, download). In this release:

  • A completely new mechanic, Resistance, in which skill checks are more difficult as the town becomes suspicious of your activities. This mechanic is turned on (and explained) by an event in sycamore street (and a new Liana image! Yay for Liana!). Various existing buildings and events increase or decrease resistance.
  • A new job in North End, wherein you can send your tentacle monsters out to scare citizens into reducing their resistance to your presence. 5 variants on this event, with a total of 16 images.
    • Note – it currently has two optional slots for thugs, which do nothing. I forgot to remove them before making the release.

Not a ton of content in this one, but I wanted to get it out there rather than sit on it. I’ve barely playtested this! I have no idea what the balance is like, and I’m not in the mood to find out right now.

How is resistance?

  • Too easy. I hardly noticed it. (55%, 88 Votes)
  • Just right. I occasionally noticed it, but mostly it stayed in the background. (32%, 52 Votes)
  • Too hard. It really slowed things down. (7%, 11 Votes)
  • The whole thing sucks. It's not a fun mechanic. (6%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 161

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    • Lynne - 2016-08-26

    Hi, I had a question. The ‘A Visitor’ event seems to be impossible to accomplish. See, it requires 3 sadists, but there simply aren’t enough males available for that. There’s the 3 you get in the first slave raid event, plus 1 later, but meanwhile you need 2 of them manning a dungeon before a training room even becomes available—which leaves you with only 2 available. I tested this, thinking perhaps expanding the dungeon again would make more slave raids possible and thus increase the odds of finding more males (Makes sense, right? If you have more holding cells, might as well get more slaves to fill them!)—-but nope. Nothing doing.Before I give up I’d like to ask you how this is meant to be done.

      • An(t)on - 2016-08-26

      My personal order is slutroom -> dungeon -> slutroom -> training chamber -> train sadist: This unlocks Conquest -> event at Sycamore Street -> catch more slaves at Sycamore Streer.

      @Blue: For me, R drops not per day, but per scene (even boring ones), so 2 Slutrooms, 1 Dungeon, 1 Make Out and 1 Catch slaves lower R by 5/day. Intentional?

      • Nope, not intentional at all – nor can I reproduce it.

        Resistance does decay twice as quickly as it should – only meant the decay rate to be 2, not 4, but I can’t manage to make it dependent on the number of events – and it’s always 4, not 5.

        Can you send me your save?

          • An(t)on - 2016-08-26

          I’m sorry. I started a dayturn with 0 R, captured a female, got another scene and only 2 R were left and after the dayturn I had 0 R again, so I jumped to wrong conclusions.

          To compensate for my idiocy some hopefully useful thoughts about the R mechanic:
          The good thing is improved consistency. In older versions I simply went “There is magic and this is a porn game, so who cares if I abduct 50 people.” Now I have a number that tells me how much the town inhabitants care.
          The bad thing is that you can lower R simply by waiting and you don’t use time as a resource. So the powergamer in me tells me that I can simply bypass this whole mechanic. That said, Hive is a good porn game, but it was never strategically challenging due to the unlimited time.

            • An(t)on - 2016-08-26

            Edit: And now that I tried to replicate this behavior I failed. Given that I was quite tired at the time of the first post my memory may have played tricks on me.

    • As Anton said, you get more slaves by capturing them on Sycamore Street. Once you’ve gotten the “Conquest” event, you can switch locations with the “Map” button near the bottom of the screen.

      If you haven’t started capturing slaves yet, you’ve only seen about 10% of the game so far. :) (Later on, you can get also more slaves with a Recruitment Center)

    • DarthJake - 2016-08-26

    I’m wondering if I’ve missed something here, I can’t seem to train cat boys or girls…

    I need to start a new game to check resistance as well, once you have a well developed slutdom, resistance is mostly a moot point.

    • Icewind - 2016-08-26

    I love the new pic for Liana~

    • BlackRing57 - 2016-09-02

    Blue Winds,
    I was not able to get the Tentacle Raid job at the North End. When I looked at the code for the job, it says the event “BreedingPitDails” must be done. How do you cause that event? or is that a bug?

    • This was a bug, which should now be fixed. Was supposed to be “BreedingPitDaily”, which happens every day once you’ve built a breeding pit.

    • Jason - 2016-09-03

    Having an issue playing on my phone using chrome mobile. The map view quickly resets to where all the locations are out of view, and so I can’t advance beyond the hotel.

    • I don’t own a mobile device, so it’s hard for me to debug things like this. Sorry it’s not working for you, but not much I can do!

    • Anonymous - 2016-09-09

    Where does the tentacle raid event launch from? I’m pretty sure I’ve completed every other game content including the new liana event, but I have yet to see the tentacle raid.

      • Dcmbr - 2016-09-13

      tentacle raid is made available once you’ve fed some poor sap to the Breeding Pit. Just assign your most disposable slave to work in the pit.

        • Anonymous - 2016-09-16

        Yeah I’ve fed multiple poor saps to the pit. Is it a blue event or is just a generic white repeatable event? Are you talking about the “hunting” event?

          • Dcmbr - 2016-09-16

          I assumed that the raid referred to the “hunting” event. The hunt pictures are all tentacle beasts molesting people.

        • Yep, the hunting event is what I was referencing.

    • Dcmbr - 2016-09-16

    Liking the resistance mechanic so far. It represents a good feeling that we still have to operate under the radar.
    But I found it difficult to reach the resistance 20 required for the Meddling Police quest line. I thought a bug was preventing it from loading until I checked the prerequisite in the code.
    After that getting the Dorm started bumping my resistance higher.

    • Yeah, I’ve removed that requirement in 0.9.0 – I added it, then never actually played through the game to figure out how hard it was to reach that number!

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