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In this release (play, download):

  • Removed town map, added direct location buttons to the main planning page (much asked for feature).
  • General rebalance of Resistance mechanic. More things add to or subtract from it.
  • Added new research for forced-pregnancy in the Dungeon (4 new images).
  • Two new Mess With Liana scenes (1 new image). Small, but much needed content for the early game (when you use that action a lot).
  • Some general writing cleanup, lots of small typo fixes and wording adjustments.
  • Redid early/mid-game pacing slightly, changing event ordering and speeding up some things to reduce boring turns and un-hide some hard-to-trigger events.
  • Fixed bug where max stat changes (from breeding pit, eg) weren’t saved.
  • Fixed bug where having a worker captured by police at sycamore street often assigned a new worker to the job automatically.


Also, I have a request for all my wonderful players: I want to upgrade the image quality!

I don’t know what possessed me to choose 800×600 as the standard image size in game so long ago, but I regret it – and I also regret not saving the originals, or at the very least links to them. If you have some time and don’t mind searching for porn on the internet (hard work, I know), I’d appreciate it if you helped me track down sources for the in game images. I’ll upgrade the images in-game once I have a higher-resolution original for some of them.

As usual, comments on everything are welcome. In particular, this release makes Resistance more punishing – it’s slower to fade and some actions give more of it – and I’d like to know if I’ve struck too far in the other direction this time.


    • Eidalac - 2016-09-17

    As You Wish. o7

    Most of them come up on a google reverse image search, though I’ve only found higher than 800×600 on a couple so far, and I don’t have more time to hunt tonight. :(

    Even on ones I find the same size I’m leaving a link if I find an image board that at least lists the source.

    • Anon - 2016-09-20

    I’ll hazard a guess, maybe several originals were 800×600 and you decided to normalize everything down to that size ?

    • Anonymous - 2016-09-20

    First Sycamore Street Scene:
    “I wasn’t expecting you to be quite so…vigerous”
    Should be “vigorous”.

    Same scene, are you spelling amateur wrong on purpose? “ameture”, “amature”.

    • Nope, not on purpose, I’m just a terrible speller. Will be fixed in the next release.

      (hides her head in shame)

        • Novus - 2016-10-02

        You’re a programmer. Programmers can’t spell. At least none of them I’ve ever encountered (myself included) could spell with anything approaching decency. Even now, when I’ve transitioned from being primarily a programmer to being a novelist I still make heavy use of spell check (I just misspelled primarily for example -_-). Something about the nature of programming seems to shoot the ability to spell in the foot….

        Anyway, it’s been a while since I dropped by, and gotta say it’s nice to see your still working on games. Even if I was more a fan of Lapis and your older Brothel Sim work than I am of Hive (Hive is just a bit to…sadistic and noncon for my personal tastes), I’m still glad to see you working on anything at all!

        Also looking forward to the PG-13 version of Lapis you mentioned. While I’m quite sad for the downgrade to PG-13, the game type is a rare one that I enjoyed all on its own merit. Reminded me of Port Royale 1&2(not 3, 3 was terrible) simplified for web.

        • I’m pleased you stopped by. Really pleasant to see an old name pop up again, thanks for commenting. :)

          Yeah, Hive is… light hearted in tone, but quite evil within that framework. Uses “it’s magic” as an excuse for writing out all my twisted fantasies without being too grim about them.

          Maiden’s Tale (see the latest post) may also be a bit dark for your taste, but I do want to clarify that the content in so far won’t be representative. The two punishments written thus far are the darkest things I plan on adding – setting the lower-limits, as it were.

          Within the established framework (you’re a slave, and didn’t have a choice about it), most of what goes on will be stat raising + life simulator stuff, with plenty of fun sexy-times where everyone involved is enjoying themselves. Plus some D/s and sadism / masochism, but reasonably light.

            • Novus - 2016-10-22

            Strangely or not so strangely, I’m not sure, it’s not the “twisted” nature of the various fantasies that I consider to dark for me. It’s actually the non-consent. Even the more sadistic kinks that I personally have no interest in don’t really bother me if everyone involved wanted them to happen.

            Look at Lapis and Brothel Sim. The framework with those basicly allowed for any level of kink without being disturbing, precisely because those engaging in said kinks were doing so of their own free will.

            Sounds like Maiden’s Tale will probably have the same issue for me, but I’ll almost certainly check it out anyway. Your material is good enough to at least try, even if the description sounds a bit off-putting.

            But that’s just me, and like I said I’m happy to see you still making games regardless of if I like them. You have a genuine talent for it.

          • My fantasies center on three things – prostitution, tentacles and rape. To be clear, when I say “my twisted fantasies”, it’s precisely the lack of consent I’m talking about.

            Nothing strange about finding it unsexy at all, it just happens to be one of my big things, and the thing I’m actively exploring in fiction at the moment.

    • A2E - 2016-09-22

    I can’t access the pad to write on it.

    • Hm, the site appears to be down at the moment. Was working yesterday, will probably be up again sometime soon.

      Most of the images were already sourced – I sure hope it hasn’t disappeared forever! I think I still have a copy locally…

    • AkiTooru - 2016-09-22

    After you get the police officer event, if you haven’t passed the public nudity, you get stuck with your ammount of resistance and increasing. In my game I was kinda stuck without being able to do anything that increased resistance while I was gathering D. (I also didn’t know that the porn studio lowered resistance, it could be more explicit there)

    • Anonymous - 2016-09-23

    In one of the catgirl training scenes, mischievous is misspelled as miscevous, or something like that.

    In the porn studio scene where the catboy gets the camera, there’s a “ca” which should be “cat”.

    • Deidre - 2016-10-26

    Hey, I am sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but is there some kind of wiki or so for the game? I am absolutely stuck and I can’t figure out what I am doing wrong. I finished the intro bit, went raiding 3-4 times bought the 3 rooms but now the raiding button disappeared and I can’t do anything anymore than mess with my slave and pass the time. I am missing something, but I can’t figure out what.

      • Mechalith - 2016-10-26

      I’m in the same position. I think it miiiiight just be because we ran out of content? Unfortunately, I’m not certain.

      • Hm, can one of you send me your save file (contact form at the top of the page)? You’re still at the very, very beginning of the game – nowhere near out of content yet!

    • MasterP - 2016-10-29

    I really think that the training of liana definitely need to be improved. whit the historyline, Put liana on punishing acts-go whit liana to hunt slaves i say more improves on her. Add a shop between more, for example when you past the first events the game focus more on darklady than Liana, i just say that liana needs to have more sex photos or more events on the story. And well Bluewinds if you see this comment i really apreciate your game but really i just advise to focus more on sex acts to liana and at least a change of ropes. Plus A dominatrix friend and a Young lady cop captured will be nice. Excellent night

    • Say0 - 2016-11-10

    I am so hyped for this game. I have a ton of ideas, too. Here are some things that would be cool to do. Sorry if this is annoying or I’m overstepping bounds.

    -Assign your maids to work at the Holiday Inn, cleaning and whatnot to decrease resistance and/or increase depravity. Maids are PAINFULLY underused right now.

    -Assign sadists, dommes and possibly max-strength maids to guard buildings.

    -Resistance still doesn’t affect gameplay very much. Perhaps the higher it is, the higher the chance of a raid by the cops or other people?

    -Once enough slaves have been fed to the breeding pit, there should be an option to train mages and increase the magic of male slaves.

    -Send a slave in to mess around with the girls in slutrooms.

    -Proper images for male breeding pit slaves. I can help with finding some, if need be.

    -Male virgins?

    -Bigger versions of dungeons and slutrooms, maybe?

    • – More things for maids to do is a good idea. I’ll put it on the list.
      – So far all in-game events are triggered by the player, and I intend to keep Hive that way. Mostly just laziness, no particular reason for this.
      – See above.
      – I do want to add some more creatures involving magic, but there won’t be generic “mage” units any time soon. This is one of the big mysteries – where /are/ all the magical things, other than Liana and the Dark Lady?
      – I already added this (sort of) to dungeons. I’ll keep it in mind as a possibility for slutrooms, but not feeling immediately inspired.
      – I could add some more male tentacle stuff. Not my interest, but if you had a list of images, I could add a couple.
      – I like women, and trying to venture outside the realm of things I personally find hot has killed two of my games so far. ^^;; No male virgins.
      – This next update has a bigger slutroom. Sort of. Not really. It fulfills the same economic role, at least. What do you want bigger dungeons for?

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