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It’s been a while, but here we are. In this update you’ll find:

  • Increased image resolution. Thanks to everyone who helped me find the original sources of things after the last release. There are still some un-upgraded pictures, but I’ll get to them later.
  • A new building, the Training Facility. It’s Large (build it in an Empty Lot), and becomes available after the Nudity ordinance at City Hall.
  • A new event with Liana. Liana wants fucking, but the Dark Lady gives her something else instead. Warning, may cause tooth decay (it’s so sweet).

It’s been a long time coming for such a small update, but better to get this out than keep what’s done so far sitting on my hard drive. :)

Play online or download at the usual locations.



0.10.1 fixes a bug when there are no students in the Training Facility.


    • Garkhan - 2016-11-29


    There is a little bug on the first day of the facilities an error about no student found because there is in fact 0 student.

    Ty for the higher sesolution, now we just need an option to increase image size.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Whoops, should be fixed now with a refresh / redownload.

        • Garkhan - 2016-11-29

        Looks good now.


      • killer - 2017-01-03

      i cant seem to progress beyond hunting

      • That’s pretty much it! If you’ve gotten that far, and played around an much an you want, you’re out of content. :)

    • EPGerhart - 2016-11-30

    Minor spelling on “Walk with Liana”
    “I wasn’t expecting you to be quite so… vigerous.”
    Should be “vigorous” (full of vigor).

      • EPGerhart - 2016-11-30

      and a bit further along in the same event
      “She’s not a mage yet, just a dabbling ameture.”
      Should be “amateur”.
      “An amature, but a gifted one.”
      Should be “amateur”.

    • krt12014368 - 2016-11-30

    So the number of times a girl is trained is always equal to the number of days they were at the school when they graduate.

    • It calculates the depravity you get correctly, but displays the wrong number. Blame this line:

      “trained #{@student[2]} times” should be “trained #{@student[3]} times”.

      Probably won’t be able to fix tonight (fun plans), but will address soon.

        • krt12014368 - 2016-11-30

        Oh the joy of checking the wrong element of an array.

        • I was lazy. This shouldn’t be an array at all – with 2 entries you can say “oh, I’ll just remember the index” but by the time you reach 4, it’s time to start naming rather than numbering them.

            • Anonymous - 2016-12-01


        • Eidalac - 2016-12-02

        Woo plans! :)
        Woooo arrays, so easy to use, so easy to break.

    • Pizza Fan - 2016-11-30

    Whenever you load your game, the new Training Facility disappears, unfortunately. Not really a problem if you come in with an already completed save, since you can easy get the slaves you need to remake it, but it does get annoying after a while.

    That being said… Still love this game, bugs and all. Looking forward to your next build as well, Blue!

      • krt12014368 - 2016-11-30

      Wierd, stays for me and I’m on Firefox 50

    • Email your save to me? Also, what browser are you using?

        • Pizza Fan - 2016-12-01

        I am using Firefox 50.0.1, it looks like… As far as my save goes, I cannot seem to find it when I search for it. I play it online, not by download. Sorry I cannot send the save, Blue. Is there anything else I can tell you that might help?

        • Hit “Load”, then “export” on the save you want as a file. They’re stored in your browser’s localStorage, so yeah, you can’t really find them on disk. :)

            • Pizza Fan - 2016-12-01

            Sorry, I have no clue what went wrong before… At best, I can think that it was because the game had not fully switched over to the new version or something. I deleted my cookies, started from scratch. Now my Training Facility is not deleting itself.

            Sorry about that, Blue. Looks like the problem was on my side.

    • krt12014368 - 2016-11-30

    Y’know, this training hall thing is really giving me ideas. You could probably do a whole game around this one concept. *fires up editor*

    • It’s sort of on my list of “things I might like to do eventually,” another entry into the slave-trainer genre.

      Except I’d want to do a consensual version of it, rather than the usual ‘break in unwilling slaves’ piece that usually precedes the actual training.

      Hive is fun, but I’ve been itching to write more “healthy kink” recently, rather than the “it’s all fine because magic and also there’s no consequences ever” aspect of Hive.

    • EPGerhart - 2016-12-01

    I get a big nasty error whenever I have a manned training chamber that runs out of potential trainees (usually happens when I am not gathering new people because I’m letting things calm down).

    • MasterP - 2016-12-03

    And excellent upgrade just whit a bit of error and the bad typing you should get a person who work on that, is less work for you Dark Lady.

    • I have people who work on that! You all. :D Also the occasional brave soul who makes a Pull Request on github.

        • MasterP - 2016-12-04

        Really That,s excellent well have a excellent way to the greatness and the complete of hive and maidens tale. By the way if i was a Dark Lady in certain moments in the game i gift some to Liana(Event)And Cristhmass or Haloween Especial. Excellent nights Dark Lady. The day il create a sex game you and some other artist like simbro-strumpets-slave maker-Hive-Sim brothel between others. Otherworld i will take all as Reference.

    • Bartoum - 2016-12-05

    It’s nice to see the higher resolution pics in game. It feel like we searched for them forever ago. :p

    • Say0 - 2016-12-05


    • ironbabyjones - 2016-12-08

    Great stuff as usual! Thanks for all your work.

    • Tony6663 - 2016-12-09

    Havent played in a while but recently started again, with the map system gone and the direct buttons there, i can no longer progress past sycamore street as it does not register. I am playing on mobile so that probably contributes

    • Best thing to do is email me your save. But yeah, I don’t have a smart phone, so mobile devices support is a bit spotty.

        • Tony6663 - 2016-12-21

        Sent you an email

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