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R: Do you want to wander over early evening, or should I come fetch you when my work is done?
Blue: I was thinking I'd come over when I get out of work.
R: If I'd thought of it earlier I would have told you to pack your clothespins.
Blue: >///>
R: Don't worry, we can stop by Walgreens.
(cue fidgetting in my chair and work and being too distracted to accomplish anything.)


Thus, this blog post!

Silliness aside, just wanted to announce that I’m still around, and will have another Hive release this weekend. It’ll be small, because I’ve been spending most of my time working on Lapis v2 – writing content or working on the code every day now.

Will have other exciting news early next year, but I’m going to sit on it for now until things are finalized. :)


    • Eidalac - 2016-12-17

    So freaking cuuuuute.

    • RedGales - 2016-12-17

    Just throwing this out there, in case you wanna get festive this holiday season.

    I recently saw an image from a BDSM thing about ” living Christmas trees ” that involved a lingerie-clad woman standing up on a platform, with her arms tied behind her back and her legs tied together, with Christmas lights wrapped around her over and over.

    Part of me thinks that’d be a good way to spend Christmas with a dominant lover. The other part of me wondered why she wasn’t naked.

    • AColonyOfAnts - 2016-12-17

    Let me know if you want me to proofread Lapis.

    • I will certainly take you up on that, thanks! As you may have noticed, proofreading is not something I’m very good at. >.>

      Would you mind using the Contact form on the site to send me an email?

    • Arcess - 2017-01-13

    You’ve mentioned trying other games from time to time. I’ve been enjoying Strip Poker Night at the Inventory. It’s a pretty simple strip poker premise, but many characters have a decent amount of unique dialogue.

    Link here:

    • Anonymous - 2017-01-18

    Im not sure about what to do to get the Succubus…

    Where’s the Summoning Circle supposed to be?

    • I think you commented on the wrong post here, but anyway – the Magic Circle is a small room (same size as a slutroom) which you can build after the an event (about “Anyway, distractions. It’s time to start my minions collecting milk and cum”).

      You can get /that/ event after building a Galleria at North End. If you don’t know how to get to North End yet… well, you’re still pretty early in the game. Mess around some more. ;)

        • Anonymous - 2017-01-18

        I was asking cause I have a Galleria in northend, and I have 2 Milking stations there too…

        Should I tear down one or something cause I saw no options for making the Magic circle or for the event…

        • If you have milking barns, you’ve already seen the event in question.

          So yeah, tear down a small room somewhere (dungeon, slutroom, training chamber, whatever) and you should be able to build a magic circle there.

            • Anonymous - 2017-01-18

            I just tried that, the only options I’m getting is Slutroom Training Chamber, Dungeon, and Empty room…

          • I could take a look if you email me your save. (under “Load” click “Export”, then use the Contact Me link. Or just attach it somewhere else, if that’s more convenient for you)

          • Aha, I see the problem. I skipped the step that you need to research it!

            You’ve been missing a /ton/ of content. Build yourself a Laboratory (Medium building, same size as a gym or library) and start researching projects. Every research unlocks more images on the associated building, so you’ll get more variety in daily events even if you don’t need the bigger numbers.


            • Anonymous - 2017-01-18

            Thanks Blue!

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