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I have two things to share with you today: News and a Hive release.

Starting last week, I am only working three days a week at my job. This means, Thursday and Friday will be dedicated to working on games. Given this new schedule, I promise you:

  • A new release of one of my adult games every week. Maybe Hive, maybe Maiden’s Tale, maybe something new. Whatever I feel like working on. Should I fail to deliver, um… there aren’t actually any consequences for me. But weekly releases!
  • Getting reengaged in adult gaming communities other than the on this blog. I let the threads on various forums lapse two years ago when I picked up a 9-5 office job. I’ll be picking those back up.
  • An update on the progress of Lapis Azurai every week. I swear, there is progress being made behind the scenes on this.



Also, a new Hive release! It’s a sort of small one, just a scattering of new images and events. Play or download at the usual locations.

  • More text for the “Capture” event on Sycamore St.
  • New way to torment Liana once you have a Galleria
  • New Mess with Liana variant
  • Can now create Succubi at the Magic Circle
  • Juggled event order to make police officer less annoying
  • Finished upgrading image quality (thanks again everyone who helped out with links when I asked)



    • RedGales - 2017-01-15

    Should you fail to deliver, spend the rest of the week in the skimpiest possible clothing you can get away with, no excuses.

    There. Now you have consequences.

    Good to hear you’re able to get back into things now. I’ve done that myself IRL with Phantasy Star Online on my Gamecube. I never beat it all the way through. I plan to fix that whenever I can. I’ve already surpassed my original character in some ways, so I’m in a better position to do it this time around. I’ve been playing it whenever I’ve gotten spare time between everything I normally do on a daily basis.

    I’m personally more interested in Maiden’s Tale the most. I kinda get a Princess Maker feel, only it’s about becoming a well-versed and talented slave girl. An interesting concept combined with kinky fun. What’s not to love there? So, I’m looking forward to whenever you do more with it.

    • Say0 - 2017-01-15

    This is me whenever you make a post:

    • Bartoum - 2017-01-18

    Your schedule change sounds really nice, I hope you’ll have a lot of fun working on your games! It’s nice to hear that you didn’t lose the links when the piratepad went down.

    • Huntex - 2017-01-20


    Trying to train Liana in the Training chamber throws this error:

      • Huntex - 2017-01-20


      Seems i was too quick, its when you assign someone to the training chamber without having anyone to train that you get the error, my bad.

    • Kencyr - 2017-01-22

    I got enough eggs for a new Hive. How do I build one?

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