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This release contains:

  • Rewritten introduction. You’re now here voluntarily – you signed up for a one year stint as a sex slave. Yes, this is a big change in the theme of the game. I realized the lack of consent was why I was having trouble working adding more content. You can still get raped by the overseers, but in the ultimate scheme of things… you chose this.
  • New events to wait on your mistress/master. Danni and Nick will discuss literature with you. Nick and Sarah will use you as a sensory-deprived foot-stool.
  • New event where Mr. Stevens will use you and Robbin as living statues for a party – and whoever makes a sound first as a door prize. You can also hide in your room and have a fun evening with Robbin instead, if you don’t mind getting punished afterwards.
  • Mr. Stevens will solicit you to participate in a Slave Show. Six different scenes available depending on your talents, though I haven’t written the show itself yet.
  • Random events now take up the time slot they occur in, disrupting your plans for the day.
  • Punishments now explain what you did to deserve them.
  • Lots of fixed spelling mistakes, typos and grammar issues.
  • A “dump” option. Visit if you want to do editing – it’s a complete dump of all text in the game. Useful for editing without looking at the source code.


It’s about 25% larger than the previous version, though I must admit it still feels quite sparse on content. It’ll take time to get a viable game out of what’s so far only a framework.


    • RedGales - 2017-01-22

    Kinda bummed that you changed the intro, though I understand why. Personally, I’d prefer it stay a forced deal, but perhaps a compromise, assuming you feel like potentially doing it over again next time or something. Basically, after being captured/bought or whatever, you realize that maybe it won’t be so bad if you just cooperate, and it kinda slides into a more a ” Well, I might’ve been forced into slavery, but maybe I can make the best of it since my new owners seem wealthy, and maybe they’ll be generous if I’m obedient. ” Kinda in a twist where you later realize you’ve actually got it better off than you had before becoming a slave, being taken care of, provided for, etc. so it becomes a ” You know what? I don’t even wanna escape. I actually like it here. ” kinda thing.

    I’ve done small RP bits with friends at times that have used the ” slave falls for their master ” kinda twisted romance. It could have some kinky conesquences when your owner finds out you actually crave their domination because you’re hot for them.

    Just a suggestion, if it helps you in any way.

    • krt12014368 - 2017-01-22

    I think the slave show is bugged out. It keeps repeating the same event over and over instead of actually progressing

    • krt12014368 - 2017-01-23

    Also Ms. Jemson’s unique event doesn’t move on after a failure and you can’t actually hide in Robin’s room for the party.

    • Peter Black - 2017-01-23

    Text bug in the Nap action:

    A few hours later, you rub the sleep from your eyes and yawn. Welp. There goes the undefined.

    • Will be fixed in the next update.

      Interestingly, “time of day” isn’t really a concept in the game engine, and can’t be used when rendering events. Its scope is limited to the “plan your day” page and the functions which select which events show up in each drop down.

    • Anonymous - 2017-01-28

    at the party i got the same text whether the check succeds or fails, robin always loses

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