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I was writing a couple of scenes for Maidens Tale, but had to stop and bake some things. I hope you find the cupcakes as tasty as I did. :)

  • Three stat-raising jobs, containing just over 2000 words of new writing:
    • Baking (once you’ve found the kitchen)
    • Etiquette (once you’ve found Mr. Steven’s bedroom)
    • Instruments (once you’ve found the recording studio)
  • Every event now has a “Next” button, to slow down the scrolling and give a better sense of time passing.
  • The first button in an event now automatically takes focus, so “enter” can be used to trigger Next (and tab can easily switch between options). Keyboard controls yay.
  • Dropdown elements can now be selected with the number keys. I’m not sure if this is a good way to do it, but it lets me keep the pure-css dropdown method, keeping things simple code-wise.


/src/content: 19530 -> 21374 words. Play at the usual place.



Remember how I keep claiming I’m working on Lapis Azurai in the background here? Well, here’s some tangible evidence – a new piece of art. I’ll have another new piece of art to share next week.

Natalie’s very first encounter with Asara. This isn’t lightning.


    • Peter Black - 2017-02-09

    The “strapped into a fucking machine” punishment addresses you as the empty string instead of by your assigned name and tells you that your sin was the empty string.

    • Any chance you have a save from directly before you saw the punishment event? Would help me track it down (unless it’s a real obvious thing, which I’m not sure it is). Soon after would work too, but not be quite as helpful.

        • Peter Black - 2017-02-09 is a save recorded at the daily decision-making prompt the morning after misbehaving. Running from it repeatedly gets the same result eventually: a punishment happens, and it uses the empty string for my sin and (if applicable) my name. The behaviour is consistent on Firefox ESR 45 and Chromium 56.

        • Thanks, tracked down the issue. It was a regression caused by adding the “Next” button for events.

          If you can’t imagine how such seemingly disparate things can be related, clearly you haven’t programmed enough. ^^

            • Peter Black - 2017-02-12

            Oh, I can definitely imagine that -_-

    • Hiding Forever? - 2017-02-11

    Hiding in Robin’s room is breaking the game for me. The last sentence is “You spend a fun night with Robbin, lounging, snacking and talking of girly things.” But there are no buttons. Robin also picks up an extra b in that section.

    • I can’t reproduce the “no buttons” problem. Can you send me a save that reproduces the problem for you?

      Also, I appear to be wildly inconstant about the spelling of her name – it was split about 50/50 throughout the game. Fixed that bit at least (for the next release). ><

        • Hiding Forever? - 2017-02-12

        The glitch:

        Before the glitch:

        Hiding in Robin’s room also doesn’t scroll down automatically. It was working perfectly for me in the previous version (0.1.1). You’re awesome.

        • Aha, that was a tricky one. The triggering condition was actually “Hide in Robin’s room when your next action is misbehaving.”

          Or to put it differently, it’s when an already queued action’s conditions are no longer met. In this case, Misbehave requires you to not already deserve a punishment.

          Will be fixed in next release.

    • Say0 - 2017-02-12

    I still can’t progress past the clothing selection when I’m on mobile. The drop down buttons won’t do anything.

    • Hm, I don’t really understand why not. I’ll try a couple things in the next update – let me know if it fixes the issue for you. (I do not own any touchscreen devices, so can’t test it myself)

    • whisper of wraiths - 2017-02-13

    Thanks for the update Blue! Maiden’s Tale is a lot of fun.

    Noticed one persistent typo: Robin is sometimes spelt Robbin. A find/change should get all of the instances.

    • rfpnj - 2017-03-02

    Here we are almost a month later and we have heard nothing. Did they change the length of a week?

    • Say0 - 2017-03-24

    Hey, are you alright? It’s almost been 2 months with no word.

    • I am alright. I should really get around to making a post explaining that… but the short version is that I have a super major surgery thing coming up and won’t be doing any game updates for a few months.

      (it’s a A++ good thing, don’t worry about my health :) )

        • Say0 - 2017-03-31

        Ah, ok ^^

        Good luck with the surgery!

    • say0 - 2017-04-27

    are you okay

      • Say0 - 2017-04-29


      Who is this?

    • Kelumir - 2017-05-05

    I can’t actually seem to do anything. I go to the “usual place”, and all I can see are the words at the top of the screen (The Maiden’s Tale, You, Save, Load, New and Site) and I can click the blue ones, but the only on that does anything is the “Site” link. :/

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