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I live. Everything’s good. I’m flying out to Thailand for a month long trip later today.

I’m also, in case you hadn’t noticed by the lack of updates recently, taking a break from game development. While writing these has been a part of my life for years, the medium has also grown somewhat tedious of late. I’m burned out, and rather than force myself to continue… well, you get this post.

It’s been wonderful having you all here, and I’ll be back someday. But it’ll be a while. Six months, a year, I don’t know. Maybe this trip will restore my desire to share pervy imaginings as soon as I get back. Until then, enjoy yourselves. :)

– Blue


    • Peter Black - 2017-05-03

    Look after yourself, thank you for the wonderful things you have shared with us, and have a good trip.

    • Arcess - 2017-05-03

    Thank you for hours of fun. :)

    • Say0 - 2017-05-05

    Take as long as you need.

    • EPGerhart - 2017-05-06

    Travel safely

    • RedGales - 2017-05-06

    I know how that is. I’m writing a Legend of Zelda fanfic and it’s been over a year since my last chapter. A lot of stuff’s been going on and I have neither the time nor the inspiration to get back to it, and when I have one, I don’t have the other. Go figure.

    Too bad it wasn’t Hawaii, because then I could say ” Get lei’d. ” and the statement be awkward because we both know what we’re both thinking.

    Have fun overseas.

    • James - 2017-05-07

    Don’t know you personally but have enjoyed your games over the months. Thanks for them, and have fun in Thailand and beyond.

    • Novus - 2017-05-08

    Very sad, considering how good your stuff tends to be, but completely understandable. I have the same sort of burnout problems with my novel writing, as well as my own occasional endeavors into game design.

    • Dubsington - 2017-05-18

    Well, crap. I discover this game, think it’s great, and the author drops it. Gaaaaaah.

    • eidalac - 2017-05-20

    Enjoy the vaca!
    Have many perversions!
    Bring back stories!

    • Amanda Johnson - 2017-05-30

    I miss you so much, blue. I know that people valuing your work cannot mean all that much to your daily life but I really do anticpate your releases so much that I check every day to see updates on the page. I know it can just seem like erotica but your work captures so much of the human spirit which makes it so sexy. Even if someone is a dom or a sub female they can identify with your characters and that is so hard to find. You are my favorite erotic writer no matter romance novels, otome games, or visual pornography. I just want you to know that even if you feel uninspired and tired there are people who think you are magical and are in awe of what you create. You can still create things that a vast majority of the population cannot. I don’t normally leave commments like this but I am drunk and I want you to know it.

    • HighPriest - 2017-05-31

    Safe travels, Blue. Thanks for the entertainment.

    • Anonymous - 2017-06-04

    No communication for 1-2 months and then “taking a break” just admit your canceling the project.

      • Anonymous - 2017-06-11

      Alright fuckin chill. This person owes you nothing for you to be this aggravated…

      • Say0 - 2017-06-25

      Calm down.

    • Anonymous - 2017-06-15

    how was Thailand?

    • Anon - 2017-06-18

    Followed you over several years at least. Remember to put yourself first for a bit.

    • Fatman Barry - 2017-07-31

    Even if you decide to abandon your current projects, please don’t stop writing. Your writing style is quite enjoyable and you obviously have talent. I hope you develop it even further in future works whatever they may be.

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