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Thanks to a pull request by a kind user on github, have a typo-fixing release of Hive. No new content here, just about 30 spelling / grammer corrections and improvements. Play or download at the usual locations.

With that said, I do have a question for you all – what would you like to see in Hive for the game to feel “finished”? I’ve considered it more or less done for some time, but if people are really itching for a “there’s no more content, rule to your heart’s content” sort of event to wrap things up, I could provide that easily enough.


    • leonardodna - 2018-01-03
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    hum… If you feel that the game is finished, maybe some kind of ending event? Like a last corruption act/ritual on the city and then the game ends when they start conquering the world for real? Then you can count the game as a prologue for something bigger or something like that 🤔

    • whisper of wraiths - 2018-01-03
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    I’ll second leonardodna’s suggestion. Some sort of ending event, possibly with the option of continuing the game after it while straight-up telling players that you’ve reached the end of the story.

  1. Am I a horrible person if I point out that it’s “grammar” rather than “grammer”? :3

    • RedGales - 2018-01-04
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    I third leonardodna’s idea. Something like a, ” The city is mine, and my slaves are spreading the influence of my power outwards into other areas. The world will soon be mine, and it feels good. I’m so excited, I think I’ll ravage Liana all night long to celebrate. ” would be a good closer, IMO.

    • Amanda - 2018-01-04
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    Well i’d like to see the ‘story’ finished. And something that felt as ‘hefty’ as the other events so not just something that was basically a screen. I like the idea of being able to continue to play, the whole ‘my slaves, my city,’ etc. but definitely some closure between the character as you play as and the character that summoned you. So maybe a ~*last hooray*~ followed by some dialogue about how the character you play is settling in nicely and enjoying all these wonderful amenities so happy to stay and play with her little kingdom.

    • Eidalac - 2018-01-04
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    Perhaps some goodly wizard/witch stumbles on your works, and the ‘battle’ with them acting as a playable epilogue. A few scenes that play out depending on stats and events you’ve cleared, etc. results ranging from being sealed away (if you just played to push for the end without doing anything optional) to a curb-stomp before you start to expand (if you did everything optional and buffed your stats, had tonns of slaves, etc.).
    That sort of thing.

    • jack - 2018-01-07
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    holy moly your back, i am sorry but i thought you was gone forever

    • jack - 2018-01-07
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    so blue what is your next plan of action? if you dont feel like making games that is fine, games take a lot of time and i look forward to what you do

    • Snapped - 2018-01-11
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    Any ending has to clear up the college subplot for our best-human. If you didn’t want to go full ‘city is mine’ that would be a good end to an arc from the very start of the game. I always felt the lewd-dorms were underutlized, even if it was thematically all stuff from the hentai highschool genre of games. I greatly enjoyed this spreading through town stuff.

    • screw the cop ('s husband) - 2018-01-14
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    I would agree with the things said before but I would just like to point out that the cop part has a bug and feels a little rushed. The bug is that part 2/2 of the cop shows up before part 1/2 and then again after. I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the cop part but I would expand it a little. Cause its like “hey we suddenly know about an investigation lets go straight to the leader, oh no she’s invulnerable” followed by “she was too strong but we immediately found her weakness and have her under control.” I think it would be good to break it up more. Maybe something like:

    Part 1: capturing someone that was snooping around. (kinda like the she smelled a bra thing, that was great lol)
    Part 2: Interrogate the prisoner to find leader of investigation (maybe use sadists/dommes?)
    Part 3: the current part 1/2
    Part 4: some kind of 2nd interrogation
    Part 5: Enslave husband
    Part 6: current part 2/2

    • my god why would I have a name - 2018-01-18
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    Some kind of resolution to the relationship between the PC and Liana would be good, I think… ideally something with a choice.

    Maybe she confesses her love to you, and you can either laugh in her face before tossing her into the tentacle pits, or tell her that her place is only to SERVE, or elevate her to rule by your side, or abandon everything to run away together and get married and buy matching Subaru foresters.

    I feel like there are threads of this early in the game, where the PC is surprised and confused by feeling… *feelings* towards Liana, but it was never really followed up on.

    Incidentally: in the last version of this that I played, it was possible to convert Liana into a succubus and then actually toss her into the tentacle pit. I’m assuming that’s a bug. :-)

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