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This will be the last Hive release. Bugs and typos may be fixed, but it’s unlikely I’ll ever add more content. It’s save-compatible, as usual, and you can play or download it at the usual locations. It is save compatible, despite the major version bump. Changes in this release are as follows:

  • Add a wrap-up event when all major plot has occurred.


What more is there to say? Hive has always been my ‘relaxed’ game – it’s served as an outlet for all my dirty fantasies, the place I go to when I didn’t want to worry about characterization, consistency or consent. It’s been fun! It’s been a wild ride!

The Dark Lady salutes you. Perhaps someday you’ll get to see her again. Now, down on your knees, slut, and get that bra out of her sight.


    • RedGales - 2018-01-26
    • Reply

    * gets down on her knees and takes her bra off, tossing it aside *

    ( a while of being dominated later )

    Wow, that really took it outta me…

    Anyways, yeah, nice to see there’s at least closure now. Incidentally, I wrote something myself a few days ago for a friend. It took some doing, but I made a story involving her and myself in a fantasy world, getting captured by slavers and ending up in a harem. She loved it, and it was also a pretty big writing bit for me to do in one go, so I felt pretty accomplished with that.

    I can imagine you feel a similar sense of accomplishment and maybe relief with this. Hive is something a lot of people enjoy, and now it’s all wrapped up as a finished project. So, now you’ve got a project that people enjoy all done, and we’re looking forward to what you do with Lapis Azurai 2. You should feel proud of what you’ve created, and here’s to seeing more good things from you.

    • The adorer - 2018-01-26
    • Reply

    I am so, so, so much glad to see you back! Love every single of you work, though Lapis is my favorite.

    • whisper - 2018-01-27
    • Reply

    The Dark Lady and Liana’s dynamic is fine combination of sexy, funny, darkly terrible, and charming.

    Question: How do you train succubi, catboys, and catgirls? I’ve researched them, but I don’t see them in the drop down menu for the training chamber.

    • They’re trained at the Magic Circle, I think, rather than the Training Chamber. Could check the code to verify, but feeling lazy at the moment. :P

        • whisper - 2018-01-28
        • Reply

        Aha. Yes, they’re trained at the Magic Circle and I haven’t been able to train any because they require milk.

        My milking barn supposedly produces 2 milk per turn with 4 stalls filled, but stubbornly my milk counter remains at zero. Any ideas?

          • whisper - 2018-02-01
          • Reply

          Figured it out. Turns out that the milk barn doesn’t produce milk on turns when you are adding new women to the stalls. But after that, it seems to work okay.

          Also, I found a minor bug and fixed it in the code:
          On line 7717, it reads:
          ” days. She was trained ” + this.student[2] + ” times, and brings in ”
          this.student[2] is the number of days of training, not the number of times trained. Depravity is calculated correctly, it’s just the text that is affected.
          It should instead read:
          ” days. She was trained ” + this.student[3] + ” times, and brings in “

    • Wanderer - 2018-01-27
    • Reply

    Going through a new game, the “Meddling Police” action became available, and I took it, and then later on there was an action that introduced the officer with the locket, and then “Meddling Police” became available again.

      • whisper - 2018-01-28
      • Reply

      Same happened to me.

    • Amanda - 2018-01-28
    • Reply

    Thank you so much, Blue <3 <3 <3

    • James - 2018-02-05
    • Reply

    How do you feel about new content push requests?

      • James - 2018-02-05
      • Reply

      Pull. It’s been a long day

      • It’d be a first for Hive., but I’d definitely consider merging and releasing them. :)

    • Say0 - 2018-02-10
    • Reply

    *wipes tears with bra, kneels*

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