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Update: Bugfix. Resistance now decays at -2/day (as originally intended) rather than -4. Also, the Tentacle Raid event should now actually be available (was previously never visible).

Tada! Another Hive release (play, download). In this release:

  • A completely new mechanic, Resistance, in which skill checks are more difficult as the town becomes suspicious of your activities. This mechanic is turned on (and explained) by an event in sycamore street (and a new Liana image! Yay for Liana!). Various existing buildings and events increase or decrease resistance.
  • A new job in North End, wherein you can send your tentacle monsters out to scare citizens into reducing their resistance to your presence. 5 variants on this event, with a total of 16 images.
    • Note – it currently has two optional slots for thugs, which do nothing. I forgot to remove them before making the release.

Not a ton of content in this one, but I wanted to get it out there rather than sit on it. I’ve barely playtested this! I have no idea what the balance is like, and I’m not in the mood to find out right now.

How is resistance?

  • Too easy. I hardly noticed it. (55%, 88 Votes)
  • Just right. I occasionally noticed it, but mostly it stayed in the background. (32%, 52 Votes)
  • Too hard. It really slowed things down. (7%, 11 Votes)
  • The whole thing sucks. It's not a fun mechanic. (6%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 161

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Beach NightI’m working on a redo of Lapis Azurai. The current gameplay isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t really accomplish what I want it to. It’s disconnected from the story itself. Also, it has a very modern conception of economics – everyone wants to buy and sell things, goods are interchangeable, etc, which is not historically accurate (and while Lapis Azurai is pretty fantasy, Spice and Wolf has taught me a love of this sort of realism).

The new system works a bit differently. You can spend your days doing one of three things: Accepting cargo, delivering cargo, or playing through an event. Rather than money, the resource in the game is Reputation – when you deliver cargo on time, your reputation increases at both the source and destination locations. Reputation slowly decays – if you leave it alone, it’ll eventually evaporate. Reputation is spent on playing through events – all of which are one shot, story or character related. No more “Gathering wood”, “Combat Training”, etc.

Each event grants experience to one or more characters, which is spent to level them up, granting bonuses like greater availability of jobs, more reputation, or decreased delay / damage from storms. Events have an expiration date – you’ll only be able to hit around half of them in a single playthrough, which in turn means you’ll have to chose which characters to level up – which in turn determines which route you’ll end up entering. Each character has their own unique skill tree.

The net result is this – I don’t have to spend time writing “filler” events, and can spend time advancing the story. Stat raising takes a secondary role. There’s good reason to travel all over the map – events are spread around. I can massively simplify the UI (there isn’t even a Port screen anymore, it’s all done from the map).

Now for the controversial bit: Lapis Azurai 2.0 is going to be PG13. Really, the sexy elements just never fit – there’ll be some romance, and possibly some fade to black moments, but it’s going to be aimed at a mass market. You’ll have to rely on Hive and the other game I’m working on in secret (no spoilers! You didn’t vote for that :P) to fullfil your adult BlueWinds quota.

So in honor of the number one choice in the poll I started last night (as of the time of this writing – it keeps switching, close race), and also in honor of the fact that my girlfriend started camming about a week ago (I am super excited by this), I give you Hive 0.7.1. It can be played or downloaded from the usual location.

  • A new medium size building (“Empty Space”), the Porn Studio. You’ll need to research it after you know how to train Sex Slaves.
  • You’ll want to fully staff the room to get the full range of events, but it can function with as little as just a sex slave (or Liana).
  • 2 “bad” results, 9 “good” ones and 8 “very good” options, with a total of 24 images.
  • Several very, very bad jokes.


I’ll do the second place option later, whatever it happens to be – gotta go play some Arkham Horror this afternoon with cuddles afterwards. Schlup shlup.

(That’s the sound of investigator’s brains getting devoured, not masturbation, you dirty minded people)

Unfortunately my home computer has suddenly, without warning, refused to do so much as blink a light when you press the power button.

While it’s in the shop and I lack access to the latest work on my game (it’s backed up, but there’s still some stuff I’d have to redo), I’m going to amuse myself by teasing you all. Pick two! Then… then I’ll do whatever I want, as always. But what I’ll likely want is to do the top two choices. ;)

What do you want?

  • Add a couple small new events to Hive (28%, 71 Votes)
  • Notes about Lapis Azurai rewrite (in progress!) (26%, 67 Votes)
  • Notes about the other game I'm working on (26%, 65 Votes)
  • More stories from my sex life (20%, 50 Votes)

Total Voters: 156

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I cracked open the game source files for the first time two months. No update yet, but there is some new stuff in progress. Hurrah! Just sticking my head in to say “not actually dead.” Basically, it’s really hard to work on erotica when all your erotic needs are being taken care of in real life by a girlfriend with a stronger sex drive than yourself, along with a succession of fun encounters for more BDSMy desires. *^^*

Also, I finally finished another project that way taking up a bunch of time – if any of you are familiar with Exalted (tabletop RPG), you might understand what an undertaking this was. Rewrote the entire magic system – all 170 pages of it – because the official one sucked.

So, time for something I haven’t done in a while: real life story! Some details changed to protect the dreamy guilty, and because it’s hard to have a clear recollection of things in that headspace. Also, the hair pulling is a little out of place – it did happen, but actually earlier in real life than I put it in the story.



Last night I went to a play party called Rough and Tumble. It’s what it says on the tin – a party focused on physicality and violence.

The main room in set up with a big mat in the center, and couches, chairs and stools around the edge. By big, I mean “pretty big” – it’s 6×5 meters, 2 inches of foam, made from smaller joinable mats. Yes, I just used meters and inches side by side. Deal with it. Outside the matted area there’s mostly carpet over concrete, with some tile near the entrance.

There’s also a back room. It has a smaller mat, maybe 5×4 yards. Deal with it, I said. This is usually dungeon space – concrete floors, racks and spanking benches crowded out of the way against the walls, suspension points.

The party itself is surprisingly approachable. It started off slow, like most parties do, with people trickling in, sitting around, talking, eating the vegan chili someone had brought to the potluck. I appreciate the fact it was vegan, but dude, lay off the spices a bit. Not that it was too hot, just that there was way, way too much spice in proportion to the contents. Also, the beans were underdone. ><;;

Anyway! After milling about a bit, we had a Hapkido lesson. It’s pretty neat that a kink club can get instructors in a wide variety of topics to donate lessons at these events. Sweet deal. We learned some rolls, some ways to break holds and take people to the ground. It was fun, and I was at the head of the line to practice the rolls – and unlike pretty much everyone else, I got it perfect the first time. :D (I flopped on my second try, of course)

After that lesson, some rubber knife fighters sparred a bit, there was a bit of wrestling, some people used boffers. I wrestled a bit with a man who has probably 40 pounds of muscle on me – but that’s not the story I wanted to share. It’s just leadup.

“Hi! We talked a bit at the party two weeks ago. I was wondering if you’d like to maybe do something in a bit, once I’m rested from wrestling,” BlueWinds smiled and fidgeted with her hands behind her back.

“I might, what sort of thing did you have in mind?” The woman wasn’t taller, but she had a much more solid presence. Muscles and a warrior attitude filled the space far more than BlueWind’s lanky frame. She’s been described as “virtually impossible to hurt” – by a person who’d earlier had no trouble tossing BlueWinds around with one arm.

“Well, I heard you like to be mean, and, um, I like people who are mean to me. Maybe we could wrestle, and you could hurt me?”

“What sort of hurts?”

“Like biting, scratching, hair pulling, pinching… that sort of stuff.”

The other woman smiled, clearly interested. The two of them talked things over.



BlueWinds and the woman (whom I shall decline to make up a name for) stood next to each other on the mat talking to the monitor.

“How hard of biting? Enough to draw blood?”

Shaking heads from the two participants.

“Any injuries either of your should be aware of?”

Negatives, both women are in good health.


Tapping out, “red” or the house safeword.


The two of them warily stepped back, moving around a bit and judging each other. “Haha, I’m surprised to see you crouched up like that. Most people try to make themselves look big and scary. Don’t housecats arch their back to try and look big?”

“No, see my shoulders? It’s pretty much the cat-arching-back pose. Besides, my limbs are long enough that I’m more ready to move if I’m a little coiled up.” Blue lunges for her leg, wrapping both arms around it and pulling upwards. It doesn’t work – her opponent’s balance is too good, and strong arms wrap around her waist, making the grab mutual. Feet jocky for position and the bigger woman goes in for a throw, trying to lift BlueWinds off her feet, but somehow she manages to twist around and get free, slipping out of what seemed like a pretty good grip and refusing to be thrown. Laughter, circling, smiling.

“My, you are squirly.” This time she manages to get her hands on BlueWinds a bit better, spinning her and hooking a leg, taking both of them to the floor. Blue scrabbles for purchase, squirms halfway out but then suddenly can’t breathe – the woman on top has planted her knee on Blue’s chest, and is leaning not inconsiderable weight on it, crushing out her breath. There’s a brief pause – the weight lets up, “Are you good,” nod from Blue, and the weight comes back. Not being able to breath is tough, and a knee to the chest hurts, but after a minute of struggle, she manages to slide sideways and roll, sending the knee into the matte and getting her feet up in between them. That’s exactly what she was aiming for – legs are really, really strong. Uncoiling with both feet planted on the other woman’s chest, Blue pushes her off and sends her sprawling backwards.

A minute of two of hard breathing follow as both catch their breath and evaluate. “Still feeling good? Want to take a break?” The other woman isn’t sweating, is breathing heavily but not hard.

“I’ll need some water in a minute, but let’s keep going.”



Rolling around on the floor, Blue is almost pinned, but not quite. Suddenly, ow! A sharp pain shoots up from her shoulder. The other woman is clamped on with her teeth! Blue didn’t know you could bite that hard without breaking the skin. Holy shit… with a start she remembers that going limp and getting wet isn’t the response she needs, and begins struggling again. The teeth let go, a hand grabs her hair and tugs her head back, exposing her neck. Another bite on the shoulder, this one a bit further down, equally painful with the last.

She thrashes, getting a bit weaker as, again, she tries not to go dazed-eyed and let the woman her her way with her. She manages to push the other woman’s head off her arm, but it’s back a second later, with a third bite. Blue’s panting breaths are somewhere between “ow holy shit ow ow what is wrong with you, teeth demon” and feminine moans of “why are my clothes still on.” Both of them relax a bit – the wrestling’s clearly over – and teeth unlatch from her shoulder. She lays there panting.

“Would you like some water?”

Nod nod. It is fetched for her.

After she’s gulped down a whole cupful in one go, the woman pulls Blue to her feet with a “let’s leave the mat so other people can use it, do you want to sit down?”



Cuddles. Blue curls up into a little ball and rests against the other woman on the couch. The arm around Blue’s shoulders slowly strokes her shoulder – the one not purple and black with three very, very angry bruises. She occasionally licks – literally licks, what a cat – at a scraped knee and nail marks on her thigh.

Life is good.

New release is finally up! It’s been sitting 95% complete on my hard disk for most of a week, but I wasn’t in the mood to test / debug stuff until this morning. Anyway, here you are! It can be played or downloaded from the normal locations. This release contains:

  • 29 new images. Two of them Liana, 27 of them women getting violated by tentacles.
  • A new plot event, which gives you access to…
    • The Spawning Pit, a new large room where you can assign slaves to help breed tentacle monsters, allowing you to construct…
    • The Cocoon, a new small room similar to the slutroom, expect focused on cum and milk rather than depravity.
    • The Breeding Pit, a new large room which you can feed trained slaves in return for boosting the Dark Lady and Liana’s maximum magic.

Yep. I’ve been promising tentacles for a long time, and they’re finally here. They are (and will remain) completely optional – if they’re not your thing, there’ll be no requirement for future plotty stuff to have built any of these rooms.

This is not a political blog, nor do I intend to turn it into one. None the less, having the opportunity to live in such interesting times, I would feel remiss in not taking the opportunity to share my views. Few generations have the luck – and the burden – of being born at the crossroads of history.

First, some clarity. I’m a reasonably prosperous citizen of the United States. I have not yet been hit by economic contraction, nor am I likely to be in the near future (famous last words). That’s not to exclude the rest of the world – what I’m hoping to say has a great deal of relevance for everyone. It’s just the perspective I have, and the primary audience is other USians.

American empire

The US is the world’s largest empire. I don’t mean this in an abstract sense, but a very real one: when 5% of the earth’s population uses 25% of its natural resources, there’s no dancing around the fact that the same country has the world’s largest military, regularly invades foreign countries, and holds military bases scattered across the globe. We use that military dominance to enforce economic dominance, as empires usually do – much crowed about “free trade” is one such tool. Rising powers use trade barriers to shelter and grow domestic industries, while dominant powers use force to lever open markets for their merchants. Before the US, Britain – holder of the world empire of the time – was the major exporter of free trade propaganda.

With that said, the USA is not a particularly brutal overlord. Though Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria have drawn the short end of the stick, America is not generally fond of civilian massacres as Britain, Rome and indeed most empires are. Oh, we kill people all right, and stir up ethnic violence and destroy infrastructure – but we don’t generally take machine guns to crowds. One can say a thing is evil without saying it is all forms of evil.

End of Empire

The American empire is unraveling. Like every other, it has a long period of decline ahead of it – empires do not end suddenly, and there’s seldom an event you can point to and say “this is where it ended.” The sack of Rome came at the end of centuries of economic, cultural, military and population decline. I’m sticking to examples reasonably familiar to other US readers, but the same is true of classical Greece, ancient Egypt, the Persian empire, various Chinese kingdoms, the Holy Roman Empire… it is a common pattern. Empires establish themselves, grown in power, pump wealth from their surrounding regions to enrich the heartland, then falter when there’s no more wealth to be sucked up. When Britain first conquered the Indian subcontinent, it was the richest region on earth – by the time the British empire fell, India was one of the poorest. That wealth didn’t just evaporate – it was spent by Britain maintaining the world’s largest navy.

The United States’ fall is unlikely to be a single event you can point to and say “there.” It’s already started – for the past fourty years, the US standard of living for the bottom 80% has been in decline. We can no longer afford things that used to be normal – a house and family on one working-class wage, a pension, a debt-free retirement.

End of Abundance

In part, this is due to losing our grip on the world economy, bankrupting ourselves with military adventurism and being the biggest kid in the block with our hand in every pot. But another part of it is the end of a second source of wealth, unmatched in human history: oil. It is not a coincidence that the US, once the largest producer of oil in the world, in turn came to rule that world. World War II was not won an the back of rightousness, whatever good causes we may have had – it was won on virtually limitless supplies of petroleum. Oil was the 20th century’s key to power, and boy did we ever turn that key.

It’s coming to an end now. Conventional oil has peaked already, though the shortfall has been made good for a little while by unconventional energy. But the key here is EROI – Energy return on investment. The amount of oil in tar sands sounds impressive, until you calculate that what portion of that oil is going to have to be burned to extract the rest. Not just running the pumps, mind you – mining the steel to make the equipment, transporting water and people, refining the tar, using natural gas to process it into something resembling gasoline or diesel. It’s dismal.

Conventional oil used to have EROIs in the 100s – you could get hundreds of barrels of oil out of the ground for every one you burned. Nowadays we’re down to 5 – pulling oil from beneath miles of arctic ocean is not as easy as it is drilling a hundred yards down in Oklahoma. Tar sands have abysmal numbers. barrels of oil drawn out of the ground isn’t the only measure that matters. How much of the energy generated goes right back to work without every leaving the energy sector? A growing amount – and that decrease in available oil is bleeding the economy of the industrial world dry.

Alternative Energy

Enter all the usual suspects: solar, wind, nuclear, tidal power, biofuels. There’s only one thing they all have in common: none of them are economical. No nation on earth has a nuclear program without massive government subsidies. Solar companies drop like flies as soon as governments stop propping them up with taxpayer generosity. We’ve been trying to make solar work for fourty years, but it simply doesn’t work on an industrial scale. Rooftop solar water heaters are great. Endless acres of mirrors and glass that has to be kept clean in the Nevada desert isn’t.

It’s such a common party line that renewable energy will save us that questioning it feels slightly sacrilegious – but again it’s a matter of ROI. It’s negative for solar and wind on an industrial scale.

End of Industry

It’s the last two words that are key: industrial scale. Wind, water and solar work great locally, on small scales, meeting individual human needs. What they absolutely cannot do is substitute for black gold.Instead of scrabbling desperately to maintain our current lifestyles, built to run off one insanely abundant energy source, it’s time to start looking at what we can change to make do. Making do works suprisingly well – people have been doing it for the vast majority of human history – but it’s such a foreign concept to most of us who’ve spent our lives living in the heart of the oil-powered machines that are modern cities and towns.We are facing the end of industrial civilization. This is not an apocalyptic event. Just as much as we’re not going to all be saved by solar, we’re also not all going to become cavemen. There is a massive middle ground – and in fact there’s very little reason to call the end of the age of oil a step backwards. It’s a matter of using what we have differently. Trains are wonderful things, and so are your feet – when cities are designed for them, rather than every individual lugging 2000lbs of steel and plastic around with them everywhere they go.Conclusion

None of this is going to happen overnight. You won’t wake up one day and find the electrical grid gone. But it is going to happen – over the course of years and decades, in small little steps and big ones.

You also won’t see suggestions from me on how to fix this. That’s sort of the point – it can’t be fixed, it’s already happening. The question is how to deal with it. Perhaps someday I’ll make a post with some opinions on that, but I’ve written quite enough for tonight already. Hope you all are having a wonderful evening, and if you’d like to read more on the subject by someone who’s made it his life’s work to educate, I’d highly recommend the Archdruid Report. In particular, you might enjoy his current serial fiction piece (parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, up through 14 and currently ongoing), exploring why there’s a million miles difference between the end of industrial civilization and the end of human life.

This release contains:

  • Additional slutroom images. I added these ages ago, but only now realized they were never enabled in the game. Whoops! Researching the upgrades now makes more images/descriptions available.
  • Two new resources – cum and milk. These are needed for more advanced magic, like:
    • A new small building, the Magic Circle.
    • Raising the magic stat. Most people have a very, very low cap.
    • Catgirls. Catgirls have two special events as the Auction House and two when whoring on sycamore street.
    • Catboys. Catboys have a special random event whoring on sycamore street.
    • With some research, new public use events at the Galleria.
    • New pregnancy events at t he Milking Barn
    • With a bit of research, you can now assign people to work your Dungeons.
  • Whoring on sycamore is now much more likely to give you really random events, rather than looping the same ones over and over. Did you know Liana has a special something there, and that there are events for both male and female sex slaves?
  • Several research options have been made cheaper to reduce grind.
  • Improved performance generating the worker-assignment screen
  • Fixed a bug where saving at the wrong moment in the middle of a turn could break the save (I’m surprised no one ever reported this – it’s been in the game since 0.1.0).

Play it at the usual place or download to run locally.

This release contains two new scenes. Available to play and download in the usual places. Yay, pizza! Thank you Malkuth and Eidalac.

  • At the city council, if you’ve had someone shot by the police while trying to capture victims in sycamore, and after you’ve gained access to North End, you can blackmail a policewoman.
  • At the Holiday Inn, once you’ve researched the gym upgrade, if you haven’t burned the original gym you can make a pair of close friends really, really embarrassed to watch each other have sexytimes.